Terms and Conditions

Hotel management will highly appreciate your collaboration in biding by these rules and regulations, whose aim is to ensure peaceful and safe stay for our guests.

§ 1. Basic Information

1. The Hotel Terms and Conditions define the rules of providing services, liability and staying at the hotel and are an integral part of the contract, which is agreed upon by signing a registration card – in the case of conclusion of the contract in the hotel, and in the case of a distance contract – by making a reservation and payment of the advance or the entire amount for staying in the hotel, depending on the individual agreement between the sides in terms of payments.

2. The Hotel Terms and Condition apply to all persons staying at the Royal Hotel.

3. The Hotel Terms and Condition are available at the reception desk, in each hotel room and on the hotel’s website.

4. The guest agrees to store and process their personal data in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws from 2002 item 101 item 926 as amended) by Janusz Skotarczak, Św. Marcin 71 (71 St. Martin Street), 61-808 Poznań as necessary for the purpose of conclusion and carrying out of the contract for providing hotel services. The guest has the right to access and correct their personal data. The data will not be transferred to other recipients. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for performance of the contract.

§ 2. Hotel Day

1. Hotel rooms are rented for hotel days.

2. A hotel day starts at 2 PM on the day of arrival and ends at 12 NOON of the following day.

3. If the guest does not specify the stay time, it is assumed that room is rented for one hotel day.

4. Staying in the room after 12 NOON on the check-out day will be charged a fee for next hotel day.

5. A request to extend the stay should be reported by the guest till 10 AM on the departure day.

6. The hotel shall accept the guest's request to extend the stay if possible.

7. The hotel reserves the right to refuse the guest’s request of extend stay in the event the full payment for the stay has not been settled.

8. If the conditions of § 2 para. 5 and 6 are fulfilled, the guest, for an extra charge, can extend hotel day. A charge for extend hotel day: until 4 PM – 100 PLN; until 8 PM – 150 PLN; beyond 8 PM – payment for the whole day.
(During the trade fairs prices are set individually).

§ 3. Check-in & Check-out

1. The basis for guest’s checking-in is the presentation of an identity card with photo to a reception employee and signing of the registration form.

2. The guest cannot transfer a room to another person, even if the room payment has not expired.

3. Persons who are not checked in the hotel can stay in a hotel room from 7 AM till 10 PM.

4. The hotel may refuse to accept the guest who grossly violated the hotel rules during the last stay by damaging the hotel's or guests' property or by inflicting damage on other guests, hotel employees or other persons staying in the hotel or in other way disturbed the peaceful stay of other guests or the functioning of the hotel.

5. The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize a credit card or collect a cash deposit in the amount of the fee for the entire stay during check-in.

6. In case of a distance contract the guest has not a right to withdraw from the contract pursuant of the Act of 24 June 2014 on the consumer rights.

7. The guest can cancel a reservation pursuant on the terms specified in § 3 para. 8 and 9.

8. In case of failure to cancel booking or failure to appear in the hotel by 6 PM on the arrival date, the whole first night will be charged. During a trade fair the total price of the reservation will be charged.

9. If the guest resigns from a stay within the duration of the hotel day, the hotel shall not return the charge for the given hotel day.

§ 4. Services

1. The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standard.

2. The hotel is committed to ensure:
a conditions for full and undisturbed rest of the guest;
b safety of stay and security of the guest's personal data;
c professional and polite service in respect of all services provided in the hotel;
d cleaning the room (for stays exceeding 7 days housekeepers change the sheets and towels every 4 days or the guest’s request) and performing necessary repairs of equipment during the guest's absence or their presence only when they wish to have it carried out;
e technical and functional service quality; in case of any defects which could not be repaired, the hotel shall make every effort to change the room or in any other way redress the inconvenience.

3. At the guest's request, the hotel provides the following services free of charge:
a providing information related to the stay and the journey;
b a wake-up call at a specified time;
c storage of money and valuable belongings during the stay;
d storage of luggage; the hotel may refuse to accept luggage for storage on dates other than the dates of the guest's stay at the hotel or if the belongings are inconsistent with § 6 para. 2 and 4;
e ordering a taxi;
f making reservations in other hotels.

§ 5. Guests Liability

1. The behavior of the guests and the persons using the services of the hotel should not interfere with the peaceful stay of other guests.

2. From 10 PM till 7 AM the guest have to behave in a way to not disturb the night-time peace.

3. It is not permitted to bring and consume your own alcoholic beverages at the lobby bar, at the breakfast room and at the beer garden.

4. Smoking is not permitted in the hotel, except the dedicated smoking spaces.
(Violation of the non-smoking rule in a hotel room is equivalent to the guest's consent to cover the costs of dearomatization of the room in the amount of 500 PLN).

5. Each time the guest leaves their room, they should turn off TV set and radio, switch off the light, turn off water taps, check if the door are closed and leave the key at the reception desk. The reception staff gives the key on the basis of a residence permit.
(If a guest lost the hotel key, hotel will charge the penalty at rate of 50 PLN).

6. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the hotel rooms and their furnishing, excluding minor shifting of furniture and equipment, which does not infringe the functionality and usage safety.

7. Due to safety reasons, please do not use room heaters, electric irons and other similar non-room equipment. Also it is forbidden to store dangerous goods–weapons and ammunition, as well as flammable, explosive or illuminating materials.

8. Canvassing, gambling and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited within the hotel premises.

9. Pets are not allowed.

10. Children should be under the constant supervision of their legal guardians while staying at the hotel.

11. The guest bears financial responsibility for damaging or destroying the hotel’s equipment and technical devices due to their fault or due to the fault of their visitors. The hotel reserves the right to charge the guest credit card for the damages after their departure.

12. The hotel has the statutory right to hold as a deposit items brought by the guest to the hotel in the event of a delay in settling payment for the stay or if the guest did not pay at all for stay and other services.

13. In the event of breach of the rules the hotel may refuse to provide further services to the person who breaches them. Such a person is obligated to immediately comply with the demands of the hotel staff, pay the amounts due for the services provided so far, pay for damages, if any, and leave the hotel premises.

§ 6. Hotel Liability

1. The hotel’s liability for losses or damages items brought into the hotel by the guest is regulated by the Civil Code.

2. The guest should notify the reception staff immediately upon noticing any damage.

3. The hotel is obliged to store in depository money, securities, valuables or items having scientific or artistic value.

4. The hotel has the right to refuse to store money, securities and valuable belongings, especially valuables and items of scientific or artistic value, if they threaten safety or their value is too high in relation to the size or standard of the hotel or if they take up too much space.

5. The guest should inform the reception staff what items (definite in § 6 para. 2 and § 4 para. 3d) their want to put in the safety deposit box and what value of this things is. The hotel’s liability is limited, in accordance with the Civil Code, if the guest didn’t inform the reception staff what kind of things their left.

6. The hotel assumes no liability for any damage or loss car or any other motor vehicle belonging to the guest and items left in the vehicle, unless both sides (the hotel and the guest) enter into the chargeable agreement for storage above mentioned things on the hotel parking.

7. Guests have the right to submit complaints in the event of noticing substandard quality of services provided. The complaint should be reported immediately after noticing any lapse in the quality of the provided services.

8. Personal belongings left by the guest upon leaving, will be sent back to the guest’s address indicated by the guest at their cost. If the guest does not leave instructions to send back the items left in the hotel, the hotel will store the items for 3 months.

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